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Individual therapy and counseling are helpful when there are specific issues that needs one to one attention. Oftentimes individual therapy helps explore new tools you can use in your everyday life and relationships. Individual work is helpful in managing distress, depression, and anxiety, as  you will have a supportive person on your team helping you through your difficulties. You will not feel alone and isolated as you navigate your life circumstances and needs.
Working with a clinical professional (and potentially a treatment team, including a psychiatrist) is key to overcoming depression and anxiety. A proper mental health screening and bio-psycho-social assessment is helpful in recognizing your needs, finding the coping strategies that work for you, and receiving proper treatment. 
Whether you are currently in a relationship or would like to be, navigating the intricacies of couplehood has its challenges. Relationship counseling can help you improve your communication, find the relationship that is best suited to you, keep your relationship healthy and passionate, and overcome difficulties that stand in the way of you having your ideal relationship. 
Admitting that substance use has become a problem is often the first step. Many people people seek outside help because they are not able to maintain ongoing responsibilities (work, marriage, family, school) while using and abusing various substances. Oftentimes addiction treatment can intervene and stop the substance use from becoming a deadly bottom. Addiction treatment may involve a higher level of care to help with medical detox, medication management, and a proper team to contain the behaviors and patterns that need to be changed.  We will meet and discuss your needs and treatment options that will best help in your recovery process. 

Infertility and its treatment should be considered as a vital stressor event having unique characteristics, that should be dealt with from a multidisciplinary and multidimensional point of view, including the psychological, emotional, social and cultural needs of couples and individuals, whether they are men or women.
Fertility, pregnancy, and post-partum can be extremely challenging. The body is hijacked, sometimes for a short period, sometimes well after birth and post-partum. Women's hormones affect mental health and functioning, and are often impacted by fertility treatments, and other aspects of reproductive health. Working with a therapist who is specialized in helping you navigate the changes in body, hormone, mood, and overall functioning is extremely important. I specifically work on re-balancing nervous system regulation for women who feel out of sorts from their reproductive experiences. This aids in ongoing efforts to become pregnant and have a healthy pregnancy and post-partum experience.


Working as a family ensures that the whole family system maintains a healthy balance. It is often difficult to change one person in a family system without addressing the needs of the whole. Family system work is also imperative when making a decision to send a loved one into a treatment program for addiction, mental health, and eating disorders.  

GROUP THERAPY AND WORKSHOPSI will be hosting various group experiences and workshops from time to time. Dates will be published, so stay tuned.

While most people encounter stressful situations or various levels of trauma in their lives, some are affected by these situations at more intense levels.  Trauma and stress are dysregulating to the nervous system and can create experiences and thought and behavior patterns that disturb general functioning, as well as sleep, motivation, relationships, work, and school.  Therapy and counseling can help restore nervous system regulation, disrupt negative behavioral patterns, address stressful and traumatic experiences, and teach ways to cope with life with more strength and resilience.

Crisis Intervention, Assessment, and Treatment Placement 
Navigating the world of higher level of care can be challenging. After working in the residential and intensive outpatient treatment world for over 15 years doing clinical outreach, I have come to know the ins and outs of treatment programs, their specific strengths and specialties, and have extensive experience in clinical treatment matching. I often help individuals and families find appropriate treatment programs through a thorough clinical assessment, pre-treatment crisis intervention, consulting, and coordination of care.  Clients are matched to best treatment options based on clinical needs, financial needs, location and other considerations.  I have experience matching adult clients to addiction treatment programs, eating disorder programs, programs for trauma, mood, and anxiety disorders, and behavioral health services throughout the country.  I also stay on to do coordination of care, case management, treatment advocacy, and aftercare planning as an additional service to ensure that clients and families receive the most comprehensive care and are not lost in the shuffle in higher level of care. I provide additional resources as needed throughout the process to  clients and families needing additional referrals for their treatment needs, such as psychiatric or medical referrals and additional resources.
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